I'm Stefan, a software developer

Who am I?

I am a german/swiss student and hobby software developer who is currently studying electrical engineering and information technologies at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. I started programming in 2009 (with VB.NET back then) after I had spent a few months learning the basic principles of programming with NXT-G, a LabView-like programming environment for the LEGO Mindstorms NXT and by messing around with Visual Basic for Applications. About two years later I switched to C# as my main programming language, which I still use to this day due to extensive Framework and relative "clutter free"-ness, but I have also experimented in most other programming languages including but not limited to C, C++, Java and JavaScript/HTML/CSS.

My Interests (development-related)

Starting with my first contract, which was to create a piece of software to recognize a Rubiks Cube with a webcam and compute a solution to send to a purpose-built robot, I have been tinkering with various ways for recognizing Rubiks Cubes in various sizes and developed some approaches for solving them with a computer. Additionally I developed interest in solving rubiks cubes as fast as possible by hande which got me started in Speedcubing for a while. Sometimes, if I have the time, I challenge myself with special projects like creating physics simulations or generating music using machine learning My general development work is usually focused on utilities which do tasks like automatic backups, organizing your desktop, or calculating solutions to specific mathematical problems. Furthermore I also maintain a Windows Forms UI library. One of the things that bother me in the software development community is that not many people care about good user interfaces, so I try to help people use the default Windows UI style (which is an excellent starting point as most tries of creating a custom design by individual developers with no design background result in a lot of work for little or no benefit) with my library, AeroSuite, while setting a good example with the software I develop which usually blends in seamlessly with Windows in both style and usability.


This is a quick overview of open-source things I have made in the past. You can find further details of single projects by checking out the corresponding GitHub-Repositories.


AeroSuite is a .NET WinForms Control Library that provides new controls and extends the functionality of existing ones.

Steam In-Home-Streaming

An old project of mine that allowes the streaming of the whole desktop via the Steam In Home Streaming technology.


A easy to use .NET Library that allows developers to fetch data from the Spotify Client.


MultislitSimulator creates physical simulations of light interference patterns.

Social stuff & Contact

I am active in some developer communities, where I try to help other people get into programming easier and to learn about better solutions for common problems. I am open for collaborations on projects I am interested in, and also do contract work from time to time.

If you want to contact me, feel free to send an email to stefan-baumann@outlook.com. You can also follow me on GitHub.